August 10, 2013


Who owns the data?

The data you collect belongs to you. It is always available on your devices and on the cloud and is backed up to multiple secure locations, so you can always be assured that your will be there when you need it. Data can also be exported from FIT and used however you wish.
no.9 Software aggregates data about model sales, strike rates, volume, etc. from all participating retailers for analytical purposes. All customer information such as name, email address, and phone numbers are removed.

Does FIT slow the process of fitting?

Not at all! Once a fitter becomes accustomed to using FIT, the process is super fast. Not to mention, you’re capturing important information.

Can a fitter work with more than one customer at a time?

Yes. Multiple fitting windows can be opened simultaneously and you simply “swipe” between records.

Is it necessary to have a license for each staff member?

No. A store only needs as many licenses as they have iPads.

Do I need a continuous connection to the internet?

No. FIT moves seamlessly between online and offline operations. FIT can be used in your store, during a parking lot sale, during an on-snow demo, even for house calls. It’s important to remember, that your data only synchronizes when you have a wi-fi connection though.

Does FIT integrate with POS systems?

With just a few clicks, data can be exported from FIT and then imported to your point of sale system.

Can FIT send emails to customers on a future date?

This is a killer feature that is coming in a future version.

Can the system be integrated to take online rental bookings?

Yes. FIT can be seamlessly integrated with your website.


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