Frequent Asked Questions

FIT is used primarily on iPads in shops, but can also be used from almost any other mobile device or computer by your customers.


Yes. A properly-trained staff member will find FIT fast to use, whether renting, fitting, or handling service items.


FIT is industry-leading software for action sports with shops in the United States, Canada and Japan. FIT is multi-lingual, which makes it easy to adopt.


No.  When you are ready to switch product lines, so is FIT.


One, or a lifetime’s worth. Records are unlimited.


FIT employs 256-bit encryption protocols both in information access and in the payment process.


Yes. Assign a barcode to inventory items, then when it comes time for the rental or sale, use the iPad camera, or a recommended hand-held scanner, for easy electronic entry.


It’s none of your business.

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